There's more than one way to paint a picture.  I love to create pictures using pastels and pencils, but I also love using words.  On this page, you'll find a growing selection of poems that I've written.  Some of them are about animals, some of them about nature or issues such as the environment, and other topics.  Of course, there is such an inseparable relationship between animals and nature that they are two of my favourite subjects!  Word pictures can be powerful and poignant.  Sit back with your favourite cup of something, and take a moment out of a busy day to read and let the words paint pictures on your mind.

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The Tree

The wind inspires your wave for our attention, noble Tree,
Stood long among us serving us, deep-rooted and yet free;
Shade from sun, shelter from rain, you cleanse our air with leafy breath,
Enhancing all our views on life, still standing at our death.

The carpet grass cannot surpass your simple majesty,
Though lain before us beckons us as royalty to tread,
But soft and green it welcomes all, each age and stage and walk of life;
Where kings may pose are feet of playing little ones instead.

You together, grass and tree, compose a painter's dream,
A child's playground, lover's walk, musician's melody;
Your simple nature lacks the coarse complexities of clever man;
We need your tender touch, your constancy, your strength to stand.

Instead, we've wielded wounding swords of our authority 
and felled our friends!  What fools!  Where will it end?

Roads.  Walls.  Technology.


Copyright: Michelle Simpson


When you first arrived,
baggy-skinned and bug-eyed,
I have to admit
I was rather surprised
at the wrinkly features
of such a strange creature,
a pathetic picture
sat there on the rug.

But because you were mine,
I just knew given time,
though your squashed nose
would always be far from sublime,
that behind the flap-ears
and the runny-eyed tears
I'd find something endearing 
in your ugly mug.

Now you tug at my heart
and it's hard to impart
how your soppy face
conjures up love with such art,
so that all the deplorable's
now quite adorable,
ridiculous, laughable,
loveable Pug!

    Copyright: Michelle Simpson