On the Easel

Here is an opportunity to see what I am working on at the moment.  'Native Trail' was inspired by our interactions with the wonderful First Nations people of Canada.  The path they are walking on represents the 'Red Road', the path of 'doing what is good and right'.  The background is made up of elements and patterns from their culture and creativity - the pattern at the top comes from a woven rug; the teepee; the bright colours; the water and mountains represent their love for nature and creation; the canoe is copied from a carving; the silver swirls represent fish hooks.  The fact that the mum and dad in the picture are wearing traditional clothes emphasises the desire of many of the First Nations people to maintain their culture. This is offset by the jeans and trainers worn by the little girl, a symbol of the modern life and western ways that have influenced them, whether for good or bad.  The laughter on the little girl's face represents the joy of walking the Native Trail together with family, community and creation. This painting is done in acrylics and is not yet finished.  A couple of small details remain to be done!

Deer & Oak Tree is the next greeting card design I am working on and is inspired by the deer in the fields where we walk, the abundance of wild flowers, and a massive old oak tree whose branches sweep over the pathway. It is a relaxed style designed to represent a place and a season.  It is not meant to be in proportion, hence the large size of the oak leaves, yellow flowers (which are buttercups), and other plants in comparison with the deer.  I want this picture to reflect the harmony which animals have with their environment, seen in the antlers reflecting the curve of the tree.  I also want it to capture the fleeting beauty and elusive magic of nature which we are so often too busy to look for, and which is symbolized by the elusive quality of the deer, captured in a momentary pose from which he can so suddenly flee and be gone from sight.