About Me

Me & Ruby
I'm owned by a special dog, Ruby, who daily reminds me of the joy animals bring into our lives. With the beauty, versatility and lovely temperament of the Rough Collie, she is such an affectionate companion and friend.

When I was a child, my favourite place to be was outdoors with animals.  We called our house a small menagerie because there were always pets around: cats, rabbits, a dog, budgies, canaries, hamsters and gerbils, goldfish.  I always wanted a horse but that was not possible so I spent my weekends working at the local livery stable and getting free rides as payment.  

I also loved art and took first prize in a large art competition at the age of 12.  As I got older and had a family of my own, we travelled.   We home-schooled our children, and for some years there was no time for animals or art. A few years into family life, we began our own menagerie of animals and later still, I picked up my art again, focussing on pet portraits and endeavouring to capture that expression and special relationship we humans have with our animal friends.  I am currently taking a diploma course in pet portraiture.
'The Garden'
The watercolour painting that won me
first prize in a local competition at age 12.

I enjoy other forms of art and craft too and love to bring together the unique aspects of a person's life or culture in a special painting or greetings card. I mostly use chalk pastels, acrylics, coloured pencil and occasionally graphite pencil. You can see some of my work in the Gallery and what I am currently working on in On the Easel. Using the paintbrush of words, I also love to write, and that includes poetry which you can see on the Poetry page.

I also have a diploma in Animal-Assisted Therapy and my collie, Jasper, and I worked as a registered therapy team with orphans in Thailand, helping the children to grow in trust, confidence and self-esteem.  See the Animal-Assisted Therapy page.  10% of monies from commissions goes towards helping disadvantaged children.

I'm really just starting out on my art adventure, but I am thoroughly enjoying myself.  I would love to hear from you, so please don't hesitate to leave a comment.  Enjoy looking around my blog!  If you would like me to capture your precious pet in a lovingly-created painting for you, design a greetings card or paint a unique picture for someone special, purchase any of the art you see, or ask questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely Paws,


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