Pictures/Greeting Cards
I will paint/create unique pictures and greetings cards for your friends and loved ones that incorporate the special qualities, individual gifts and passions of that person or culture.  For example, 'Journey of Circles' (see Gallery) incorporated elements of literature, maths and science in which the recipient had a particular interest.  It was also very large so a lot of people could sign it for his 21st birthday!  'Native Trail' (see On the Easel), incorporates different elements of a culture and people.

If you would like me to design/paint a unique card or picture for someone, you can tell me some special things about that person and I will weave them into a completely one-of-a-kind design to celebrate their uniqueness!  Price depends on size and time and can be discussed on an individual basis.

Pet Portraits (please scroll down the page for prices)
I also create portraits of pets from photographs.  For me to do a portrait of your pet, you will need to send me a quality photograph.  Sending more than one photograph can be helpful in aiding me to capture your pet's unique personality.  

Taking photographs:
  • Take your photos in good light, avoiding flash if possible to avoid red eye.  Taking photos outside in natural light is best, on a slightly overcast day, or with the sun/light behind you.  Using flash indoors tends to distort colours.
  • Take photos on a level with your pet, eye to eye, rather than from above.
  • Try to capture your pet's unique personality.
  • Ensure your photos are sharp and not blurred.  Use a tripod if necessary or rest on something for stability.
  • Do not take the photo from too far away as I will not be able to capture your pet's expression.
  • 'The eyes have it' - try to capture your pet's eyes as these are the window to the soul!
If your pet has already passed away, a portrait is a lovely way to commemorate and celebrate the uniqueness of your relationship. If you only have one or two photos, I will need to assess whether they are of sufficient quality from which to do a painting.

Sending Photos:
You can send photos by mail, email or CD.  Please send full-size photos, not email size.  Photos and CD's sent by mail will be returned.  If your photos are very precious, be careful to have copies made before sending by mail in case of loss.

Time scales:
It usually takes me a couple of months to complete a picture, so if your picture is a gift or for a special occasion, please ensure you order it in plenty of time.

Your Approval
A digital photo of the  portrait will be emailed to you for your approval.

Supporting Disadvantaged Children
10% of the money from all pet portraits and greeting cards sold will be donated to Christian charitable organisations working with disadvantaged children.  As well as enjoying a portrait of your precious pet, you can also know that you and your pet are helping children in other parts of the world!

Pet Portrait Prices           (in British Pounds) 
X-large pastel/acrylic               300 
16 x 24 (inches)

Large pastel/acrylic                  200
14 x 18 - 16 x 20         

Large coloured pencil               250
14 x 18 - 16 x 20                                                     

Medium pastel/acrylic              150
10 x 12 - 12 x 16     
Medium coloured pencil           200                                

Small coloured pencil/acrylic   100  
6 x 8 - 8 x 12*             
Small graphite pencil                100

  • *Small pictures in pastel & acrylic in 8" x 12" size only.
  • For more than one figure in a picture, each extra one will cost  an extra 25
  • Colour & graphite portraits are same price
  • Postage extra and dependent on weight and distance.
  • Frame not included.

Payment can be made by using the secure, online credit card payment option - Paypal, or by money order or wire transfer.