Here is a selection of my paintings. Click on an image to see all images larger in the Gallery.

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Pet Portraits
I don't endeavour to reproduce an exact photographic copy of your pet.  Instead, I prefer to capture the essence of your pet's personality and expression in a unique way.  Contact me if you would like to commission a portrait of your precious, unique and unforgettable pet!

'German Shepherd Dog'
Coloured Pencil

Chalk Pastel

'Little Black Dog'
Graphite Pencil

'Puppy & Flowers'
Coloured Pencil

'Isaac the Pug'
Chalk Pastel

'Twyla & Friends'
Chalk Pastel

'Horse Head'
Chalk Pastel

Trait Paintings
I call these trait paintings because they incorporate traits of personality and culture, all brought together to create a unique design representing a person, culture or nationality.  These make lovely gifts to honour and celebrate the uniqueness of a friend or loved one.

'Journey of Circles'
Giant 21st Birthday Card

'Native Trail'
A celebration of First Nations/
American Indian culture
Greeting Card Designs
'Birds in Curly Tree'
Acrylic miniature

'Flower & Butterflies'
Acrylic miniature